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Conditions Under Which Equipment is Rented: All equipment is used at lessees risk. We exercise precaution in keeping equipment in good condition. Conditions which prevent satisfactory operation of equipment does not relieve lessee of his/her responsibility for rental charges. Lessee assumes all responsibility for equipment while out of possession of lessor and promises to return such equipment to the lessor in as good a condition as it was at the effective date of the lease. Nature wear from responsible use is accepted. Lessee shall be liable for any loss, theft, damage or destruction of leased property except from damage resulting from an act of God or public enemy in times of war. I further agree to assume full responsibility for any injury or damage which may be incurred to either persons or property, hereby releasing lessors equipment from any and all liabilities which may be caused while equipment is in my possession. I further agree that all charges, for rental damage, cleaning or material will be paid and that all collection fees, attorney fees, court costs expense incurred in the collection of these charges will be owned by me in the court of the county in which indebtedness occurred. I lessee (customer) understand and acknowledge that the activity to be engaged in through my rental of an inflatable, interactive amusement device, and/or and other item being rented brings with it both known and unanticipated risks to myself, my guests, and to my invitees. Those risks include, but are not limited to falling, slipping, crashing, colliding, and could result in injuries, illness disease, emotional distress, death, and/or property damage to myself and/or guest or invitees. I voluntarily release indemnity, hold armless and discharge Bounce-A-Roo Party Rentals LLC from any and all liability claims, demands, action or rights of action whether personal to me or to a third party which are related to arise out of or are in any way connected with any rental of the unit (bouncer) including those allegedly attributable negligent acts or omissions. I agree to reimburse any reasonable attorneys fee and costs which may be incurred by Bounce-A-Roo Party Rentals, LLC. In defense of any such liability claims, demand, action or right of action. I acknowledge that I have the adequate homeowners insurance, tenant insurance, or liability insurance to cover any bodily injury which might occur to myself, my guest, or my invitees from use of equipment I am renting and I agree to bear the cost of such injuries myself. I agree to bear all the cost to the rental equipment that is stolen, lost, and/or damaged and the customer is required to replace and/or repair the equipment rented and will be the property of Bounce-A-Roo, LLC. The lessee agrees to have an adult supervise both the equipment and its use at all times while in the possession of the lessee (customer). Lessee understands that no operator has been left with unit(s). Bouncer shall be inflated at all times until driver picks unit up. Lessee is responsible for items rented until driver picks up item(s). The equipment shall be located and NOT moved from the location (address) listed above during the duration of the rental. The equipment shall be inspected upon pickup and all damages IMPORTANT, foreign objects, liquids, soaps, gum, silly string, that Bounce-A-Roo has to clean up (except normal grass and debris) shall automatically incur a minimum/but not maximum of $75 clean-up fee- Bounce-A-Roo Party Rentals, LLC is not responsible for any damaged pipes, including pipes underground as well as irrigation when installing equipment on any property.  The customer must advise Bounce-A-Roo Party Rental Employees where to set up their equipment and where the stakes should be placed in the ground, if a pipe is damaged by any means Bounce A Roo Party Rentals, LLC is not responsible, it is the responsibiltiy of the customer to advise Bounce A Roo Party Rentals where irrigation pipes are prior to set up.  .  By signing at the bottom, the customer is satisfied with the equipment and accepts it for the duration of the rental agreement. Once equipment is placed in the location specified by the lessee we shall not move it and full payment is required. Weather policy is that if it rains, winds are blowing 25mph or more, we have the right to cancel delivery. If it rains, winds are blowing 25mph or more we have the right to pick-up equipment and no refund will be given. We can provide our weather policy by phone, in person, and/or writing if there is a change of bad weather in the forecast. I acknowledge and certify that I have read the entire document, that I understand its content and that I execute it freely, intelligently, and without duress of any kind agree to it by its terms. I further warrant and represent that I am either the customer named below, or I am authorized and empowered to accept delivery of the equipment and to sign this agreement on their behalf. Further, I agree that I am also binding myself personally as an additional part to all of the terms and conditions of this agreement. NO MINOR CAN SIGN. Person signing must be 18 years of age. ID must be given to driver. If no ID is available driver will not deliver items(s).

Safety is Paramont at Bounce-A-Roo Party Rentals LLC

1. DO NOT use inflatable or USE equipment without Adult Supervision.

2. RIders must be grouped by size NOT age.

3. NO food, foreign objects, liquids, soaps, silly string, gum, face paint ect. on equipment

4. IF Inflatables come back to us with Silly Sting, Gum, Face Paint, Urine, Defication, Bodily Fluids, Blood there will be Minimum $75 /UP TO REPLACEMENT COST clean-up fee will be automatically charged to the Credit Card Filed 


Lessee understands and acknowledges that the blower is to be removed from the Inflatable device and locked up in a secure location overnight.          


4. DO NOT flip, wrestle, run, horse play or jump on sides of inflatable

5. YOU are responsible for damage/theft/lose/replacement of equipemnt during the duration fo lease.

6. Remove shoes and glasses on inflatables

7. DEFLATE AND STOP use if winds exceed 15 mph.

8. ONLY two persons on inflatable slides at once and (1) person at a time down the slide

9. Slider MUST slide down on their bottoms with arms cross on their chest.  DO NOT SLIDE any other way

10. Inflatable blowers MUST have a devoted(GFCI) circuit.

11. Bounce-A-Roo Party Rentals, LLC. is NOT responsible for damaged pipes when staking down inflatables or         tents


NO cooking under tent  (Minimum $200 / Up to REPLACEMENT COST clean-up fee will be automatically inposed)

NO moving tent once placed and tarped by our trained staff.  

Table/Chair Deliveries are considered curb side drop off. EQUIPMENT MUST be restacked in same location upon pick-up.  Set-up and Break-down service is an additional $1 per chair / table.  If Items are NOT restacked charges will be made accordingly. WE ARE NOT responsible for damaged pipes when staking down inflatables or tents. 


Renter must have an adult, 18 years or older, on duty to supervise the dunk tank while filled
Dunk tanks will be drained when not attended
  Age limit of dunkee is 18 years or older
  Maximum size of tank is 36” – 48”
  Maximum depth of dunk tank is 48”


Patio Heater

Does NOT come with Propane. Standard propane tanks will work with heaters.


Generator Rentals  

Generators are pieces of mechanical equipment. They come with (1) FULL tank of fuel and the customer MUST refill prior to us picking up the generator.  A $75 refill charge will be made if not refilled.  If the generator stops working please call 904-424-1500 and the on call supervisor will make attempts to replace the unit.  Generators are TESTED onsite prior to employees leaving job sites. If we can not replace or we do not have anymore units we will refund the generators rental amount ONLY ($75.00 value).  **WE WILL NOT RETURN MONEY FOR ANY INFLATABLES or CONCESSIONS RENTED DUE TOO THE GENERATORS FAILING*** 

I agree to the terms and conditions*

Lessee Initials*

Daily Rental Rate per day will be applied to credit card on file if NOT returned on or before the date of return. BOUNCE HOUSE (customer/lessee Set-Up Procedures)

1. Must be staked down w/ sandbags and/or stakes provide at all times during use.

2  Must be placed on level ground away from tree limb, power lines, ect.

3. ADULT attendants must be present during use.

4. Remove debris from unit prior to rolling up (shoes, clothes, ect.)

5. Received GUIDE to proper set-up of bouncer and signed for it.

6. ALL equipment must be returned on the date stated; If not returned OR we have to come pickup equipment you will be required to pay another FULL day delivery rental rate for that piece of equipment you have rented.  This rate continues per day until the equipment has been returned.


Terrain and environmental conditions

Our deliveries are based on our employees being able to quickly an efficiently deliver and set up rental items. If the environment is undesirable for unloading heavy equipment (hills, stairs, rough terrain, soft sand, mud, ground craters, constuction, blockages/obstructions etc) you are subject to an additional charge of 75.00 minimum.  

Bounce-A-Roo Party Rentals will NOT be held responsible for any damages or injuries to property or persons while transportion, loading or unloading rental equipment in undesriable environmental conditions (hills, stairs, rough terrain, soft sand, mud, ground craters, constuction, blockages/obstructions etc). 


NO food, foreign objects, liquids, soaps, silly string, gum, face paint ect. on equipment

IF Inflatables come back to us with Silly Sting, Gum, Face Paint, Urine, Defication, Bodily Fluids, Blood 

There WILL BE A Minimum $75 /UP TO REPLACEMENT COST clean-up fee will be automatically charged to the Credit Card Filed 

  • I have been shown how inflatable is secured
  • I have been shown how to turn on/off blower
  • In the event of high winds or storms, I have been instructed to get all participants off the unit and unplug the motor and extension cord from the power outlet
  • I have been instructed to not allow any horseplay, flips, wrestling or any other unsafe activities both in and around inflatableNo shoes or sharp objects in or around the inflatable unit(s); No food, drinks or gum; No eyeglasses or jewelry.
  • I understand that adult (18 years old & up) operators must be provided to watch the games at all times
  • I have been advised that children of the same size or age group only may use the unit(s) at any given time, no adults. 
  • I agree to remove any person from the inflatable who is violating posted rules of operation. 
  • I have received both written and verbal instruction on the safe operation of inflatable and agree to follow all safety rules. 
  • I shall return ALL rental equipment on alot day to return.  Customer Pickups on friday MUST be returned on the following Monday before 3pm.  I understand that I will have to pay the full delivery daily rental rate of the equipment if NOT returned by 3pm or if Bounce-A-Roo has to come and pickup equipment.  Rates are posted online at


I agree to the terms and conditions

Lessee Initials:

Final Payment

Cash Payment

Cash Amount provided to driver $


Credit Card Payment

Lessee Driver's License #*


By clicking on "I agree" you are confirming that you have read through this entire document and are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions described above.

Cancellation Policy

For customer pick-ups we require full payment via visa, MC, or company check prior to pick-up

Yes. We do require a $50 deposit using a Visa or MasterCard. This deposit is credited towards your total bill. Customer Pick-ups of equipment requires full payment prior to Pick-Up.

Large Events - 2 or more items require a 25% Deposit.  

Large Events -2 or more items w/ concession supply orders require a 50% Deposit 

ALL DEPOSITS or PAYMENTS ARE NON- REFUNDABLE.  IF you cancel for ANY reason you will receive a CREDIT that can be used for up to (1) Year.  Your invoice will be updated to reflect the cancellation and you will have (1) to use the deposit / full payment made at the time of the order.  

For further detail call 904-424-1500.

 If there is ANY unforeseen damaged (UNUSABLE EQUIPMENT) to our equipment, Bounce-A-Roo will immediately assess the damage via the on call manager.  We will discuss with the customer to determine if they would like to receive a refund OR to have an equipment replacement.  If the customer chooses to have the equipment replaced and we replace within a timely manner, prior to the start of the customers designated party date or time there will NOT BE any refunds made.  It is the discreting of the ON CALL SUPERVISOR to provide the customer with further discounts or credits if the issue(s) effect times and dates of the customers current party. ALL DAMAGED EQUIPMENT must be notified to Bounce-A-Roo immediately and if it is the customers fault or negligence the leasee shall be responsible for ALL repairs and/ or replacement cost of the epuipment in their possession.

 If you live outside of this delivery zone we charge $1.25 per mile (ONE WAY ONLY!).  (20-29 miles Rate $1.25)  EXAMPLE: 29 miles equal 36.25.  If your delivery is over 30 miles the cost per mile increases to $1.75 per mile (30-39 miles rate $1.75). 40-50miles Rate $2.25  (50miles MAX DISTANCE) (ONE WAY CHARGE).  **WE DELIVERY UP TO 50 MILES from our home office location 5285 Shad Rd. #315 Jacksonville, Fl 32257. DELIVERY FREE up to 20 miles ONLY!

AGREEMENT authorizes Bounce-A-Roo Party Rentals, LLC. To charge Credit Card on file for Deposits/Final payment(s) and any further charges that may be associated with the above Invoiced Rental. All Invoices are provided to customer via Email or paper copy. All Sales are final once charges / fees have been administered.  

 All information captured via this secure form will never be shared, sold, or distributed to any third party.

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