Rental Agreement

Safety is Paramont at Bounce-A-Roo Party Rentals LLC

1. DO NOT use inflatable or quipment without Adult Supervision.

2. RIders must be grouped by size and age.

3. NO food, foreign objects, liquids, soaps, silly string, gum, face paint ect. on quipment (Minimum $50 clean-up fee will be automatically imposed)

4. DO NOT flip, wrestle, run, horse play or jump on sides of inflatable

5. YOU are responsible for damage/theft/lose/replacement of equipemnt during the duration fo lease.

6. Remove shoes and glasses on inflatables

7. DEFLATE AND STOP use if winds exceed 15 mph.

8. ONLY two persons on inflatable slides at once.

9. Inflatable blowers MUST have a devoted(GFCI) circuit.

Customer Pick-Up ONLY

* $25.00 charge per day will be applied to credit card on file if NOT returned on or before the date of return. DOUNCE HOUSE (customer/lessee Set-Up Procedures)

1. Must be staked down w/ sandbags and/or stakes provide at all times during use.

2 Must be placed on provide TARP away from tree limb, power lines, ect.

3. ADULT attendants must be present during use.

4. Remove debris from unit prior to rolling up.

5. Received GUIDE to proper set-up of bouncer.

Final Payment

* Agreement authorizes Bounce-A-Roo Party Rentals, LLC. To charge Credit Card on file for Deposits/final payment any further charges that may be associated with the above Invoiced Rental. All Invoices are provided to customer via Email or paper copy. If the above Credit Card checkbox has been checked for final payment you are authorizing Bouce-A-Roo Party Rentals LLC to use the credit card on file for payment. All credit card charges are final once delivery has been made.